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Another year another Zwanze day, the day we have been waiting for all year is finally close enough to taste! This year we not be ticketing the event but opening for all to enjoy and learn about sour beers and more!
We open at 11am and the 1st 80 people get a ticket for the Zwanze 2014 beer, simple as that!

The highlights:
- Cantillon Zwanze
- Cantillon Gueuze
- Cantillon Cuvée St-Gilloise
- Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus
- De Struise Weltmerz Blonde Sour
- To Øl Yeastus Christus
- Freigeist Geisterzug Gose
- Freigeist Abraxxxas
- The Monarchy Münchhausen
- Bocker Cuvee des Jacobin Rouge
- Hill Farmstead 
- Allagash 
- Almanac
- Maine 
- Vapeur Saison de Pipaix Zymatore matured 12 months in Druoin Calvados barrels. 

I will be updating the beer menu through the week, look forward to seeing you all soon, Patrick.

A little note from Jean Van Roy:
Some of you have already had the opportunity to taste Iris Grand Cru aged 3 years in a 400-litre cask. This product was sold without having been blended with a younger beer and so there was no possibility of secondary fermentation. As a result, Iris Grand Cru is a non-sparkling beer and it is meant to be drunk like cereal wine. Without cold hopping, its fragrances tend more towards the characteristic acidity of a spontaneous fermentation product associated with a slight caramel taste.
In other news, my eldest son, Florian, turned 18 on 3 May. To duly celebrate his transition to adulthood, and as the worthy son of a lambic brewer, Flo received a rather original birthday gift: an entire cask filled with “Cuvée Florian”.
Admittedly, finding the name was easy, but it was another matter to come up with the actual beer we were going to produce on this occasion. When I first tasted the Iris Grand Cru, I immediately thought that adding a touch of fruitiness to the caramel accent could be very complementary. And since my son’s favourite beer is kriek, I based myself on a mix of these two products to create his birthday present.
As my goal was not to create some kind of kriek clone, I reduced the amount of fruit by 40% in this blend with the Iris Grand Cru. After all, the core idea was to contribute fruitiness and mellowness to the base beer, not recreate a beer that tasted like sour cherries. Although cold-hopping with the same quantities used for “traditional” Iris would probably have masked the blend’s very subtle fragrances, I still wanted to add a touch of bitterness to this birthday present and decided to opt for a small dose of superb and very delicate Bramling Cross hops. The linger on the palate is very complex while the fruity fragrances of the hops play a subtle role without throwing off balance the beer’s range of flavours and bouquet.
For this Zwanze 2014 I had originally planned on using the spontaneous fermentation stout brewed at the beginning of 2013, but despite the fact that this beer is already very good I have the feeling that another year of maturing in a cask will give it more delicateness and character. In light of this we needed another beer to replace our “wild” stout so as to be able to organise our Zwanze Day, and as you will undoubtedly have understood by now, the success of “Cuvée Florian” meant that it did not take very long for us to make a decision.
I did ask the kid if he was OK with me making a new version of his birthday present, and since this was not a problem for him, it was only logical to call this Zwanze 2014 “Cuvée Florian”!
Happy birthday, son!

Jean Van Roy
Lambic Brewer and Blender hunterspoint-shanahale1

In the 2014 season Hunters Point CSA will pair with Golden Earthworm, a certified organic farm in Jamesport, NY.

2014 Member Pick-Up Schedule

Time: Tuesdays, 5pm -7pm
Dates: Weekly, June 3rd – November 25th

We will be offering 10% off to ALL CSA members!